Creating and Enhancing
Charm Power

A charm's power comes from two sources, the charm itself and the holder of the charm.

Charm Holder Power

The holder of the charm imbues the charm with power through positivity, visualization, and awareness.  "Popular Authors like Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret’, and ‘The Power’, as well as Napoleon Hill of ‘Think and Grow rich’, are just some of the myriad of authors who have propagated a relationship between our thoughts, wants, aspirations, and what the universe gives to us. That is, the law of attraction. The idea is simple — if you hold on to a thought, persistently, whether good or bad, then the universe would give it to you." (source)

Aspects of Charm Power

The power of a physical charm is based on the power imbued by the charm holder.  As an NFT we can combine a simple charm with multiple power centers and receptors.  These include specifc foci, strength allocation, numeric potency, and multiple facets.  Plus, as the charm is transfered from one person to another it aqcuires influence and strength from the connections and life experiences of the owners.

foci - Charmorer NFT charms are forged with power due to both the specificty of the foci (multiple focuses) and the number of specific levels of foci or specificity - which is also considered a facet of the charm - the specificity is also a component of the overall power score - there can be up to 5 levels of focus

strength - charms are forged with a specific strength value that is also factor in the overall power score - strength values can be from 5 to 20

numerology - there are several numbers related to each charm.  These numbers are combined into a number string which is unique to each charm - by analyzing this number string we can derrive a potency or power value from groupings of numbers

facets - Charmorer's charms are forged with connections to other facets to add strength, vitality and energy to the charm

owners and life experience - as more people own a particular charm, the charm gathers influence from exposure to the life and experiences of it's owners - this gives the charm more power as time goes on and it passes through the hands of more owners

Quantifying Charm Power

Charmorer has developed a propriatary formula for calculating a power score for each charm.  This formula is made up of the charm's foci specificty, strength level, and experience.  Although the specificy and strength are static, the charm's power will increase as it's experience and life force energy increases.

As time progresses and the charm's power increases it will become worth more and more both from an influence perspective and a monitary perspective.

Top 100 Charms by Power

This list will be updated as new series of charms are forged and released.