Lucky Numbers
in Charms

Many people regard specific numbers as lucky.

There are several numbers related to each charm.  These numbers are combined into a number string which is unique to each charm.  By analyzing this number string we can derrive power values for groupings of digits.

For exmple a charm may have these numeric values:

charm #2976
series #1
datejanuary 10th

When the values are concatenated, a random number added (5999991888761) and non-digits are removed, we are left with the numeric string:


We then process the number string and determine the power of each number using our propritary algorithm:

number > 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
group of 139438694711

This shows that the numbers 0 and 3 have the lowest power values (3 power), where as the highest power number is 9 (74 power).  4 and 8 also have fairly high powers.

When choosing a charm, you may wish to consider the power of the charm for the numbers that are lucky for you or to which you have a connection.

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